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We specialise in organisational development, soft skills, intercultural training and management & executive coaching.



Consulting and organisational development

  • we support our clients in identifying the workplace needs of their people using research methods and measurement
  • we design effective interventions for our clients to meet their business needs through teams of highly engaged employees
  • we manage and lead the teams of our clients throughout organisational change
  • we measure our success and stay with our clients after the intervention to witness their growth



  • we measure and identify training needs of a project group, of a
    team or a department, or can undertake training needs analysis for the whole company
  • when and if training is the best possible solution, we design the most creative training to engage the individual or group
  • we set ROI criteria prior to the training and measure it after our intervention
  • we make sure people gain knowledge and skills at our training,
    take it back to work and share it throughout the organisation


  • we coach individuals for better performance
  • we do executive coaching
  • we inspire and teach your managers to become coaches
  • we help our clients build a constantly growing coaching culture
  • within the organization, we manage the change process and
    measure the outcomes

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