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We specialise in organisational development, soft skills, intercultural training and management & executive coaching.

About Us


Our vision

Whilst at best, consulting companies only provide a degree of consulting to their clients, help them solve problems and respond to urgent needs, we start with changing your ways.

  • We invoke your creativity.
  • We empower you to be self-sufficient in meeting your company’s challenges.
  • We infect you with the bug of innovative thinking.
  • We help you generate new passion for your work.
  • We shake your mind to grow.
  • We stay together with you and your company in both the good and challenging times. We’re here for you and your people.


Our Values

Flexibility: we strongly believe that each consultancy session, training course or other service provided is done according to the client’s need; the consultant should enter the project openly without any ready-made answers.

Integrity: it could also be called ‘professional integrity’, but in this profession, as most probably in any other, one cannot have professional integrity and not possess at the same time personal integrity.

Know the client: knowing who they are; what their organisational, departmental and even personal goals are; knowing what they think about their job and life in general; knowing how they feel about the topic of project.

Change and Innovation: We look for change in our work.  If we complete a successful training course, it is natural to wish to bring it again to the people.  But the urge to change things for the better makes us add new ideas and to experiment with new methods.



Our mission

Is to help individuals and companies develop more innovative and engaged people potential through creative learning and training, coaching and consulting.

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